What's Trending On Your Farm Right Now?


By Small Farm Central 04/21/2015 06:57 PM 0 Comments "Trending" is a term used to describe those topics that people are sharing and posting about online. In a more general sense, the term represents anything that's currently popular and that people are talking about.

You can find out what foods and ingredients are trending right now by using social media to follow people and outlets that report about what's new in food.

We mentioned earlier this month that you can create your own food trends. "Eating with the seasons" is a concept that continues to gain in popularity and it's really easy to encourage this through marketing.

Show your customers and fans what's "trending" right now (i.e. what's in season) on your website, in your farm newsletter or in a text message.

You can make similar combinations of images and text online or just post a picture and use the post to explain it.

The popular choice of paint colors that will give a soothing and inviting look to your office are beige, tan, light yellow and some shades of blue.

Other people use that tag as well, so if you are looking for farm marketing tips you can search this hashtag and come up with a list of relevant posts

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Ashley Cooper

Now I know what colors to choose for me office, thank you!

Gomez Bell

The repairing does not seem that challenging any more. Great tips!

Morgan Cook

Colors that stimulate the employees, relax the customers and make them feel welcome Cool! Thats a dream!

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